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Education and Training

BA University of Texas at Austin
MSN University of Texas at Austin
PhD Columbia University

Orri Broens, PhD, MSN, RN
Art expert, research scientist

Professional Profile

Orri Broens is a world-renowned expert in art appraisal (cuarts in-house staff since 2008 where build relationships with more than over 87 cultural and creative arts organizations throughout NYC). She had travelled all across the world to look for treasures that are preserved through the years in local museums. She has hundreds of contacts both here and abroad that gives her inside reports of treasures worth to be visited. By thoroughly studying such treasures, the collections are properly assesses for its precious qualities and usually gains recognition in the world of art.

She had conducted notable exhibitions that are shown in Chicago’s prime museums. Her expertise in the world of art is very extensive with her many appointments in various institutions and had contributed a lot in updating the countries’ collection of valuable art coming from all over the world. Being a thesis writing expert and editorial member at DissertationWritings.com, she helped over 60 students to accomplish their writing assignments on art and history topics.

AfAm World Society of Appraisers, Accredited Member 2006 - Lousiana State University M.A., Art History 1992 PhD Futon Art Academe, Fellow of the Society of Modern Art Appraisers 1992-1996.

Early education in various top universities both here and abroad including Asia, Europe, and Africa.

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Selected Publications

"Highlights of the Pacific Treasures." In Chicago Art Museum, Selected Works. 2005
"Asian Earth: Asian Treasures Revealed." Museum Bulletin, 2006
Before Recognition: Science of Art Collection. Galleria, 2005
"Challenges in Assigning Value to Traditional Art." Chairperson for panel Annual Meeting of Appraisers in Illinois 2008.
Remnants of the Asian Rituals: QuickTime movie for the exhibition Remnants of the Asian Rituals Kramer Museum 2007
The Asian Collection at Chicago State University. CD-ROM Roland S. James, Ram Jules and Ariel Raymund, John T. Cromm 2005
Chicago Suns: Press Preview "Tribute to the World". New Orleans Art museum, September 2003. Digital documentationhe multimedia project of 2001
The Asian Treasures Collection at Jones University. CD-ROM Jenny Bone, Lisa Miles, and Gina Edwards , Belle Johansson 1999
Cutting Edge Collection:Fire Creations: Wood and Metal Arts. CD- ROM. 1998
The Living Art of the Pacific . Interactive kiosk, Chicago Museum of Art 1997

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Exhibitions (partial)

2011 Eye and Form:The Contemporary Art Collection of Lady Jean, Kramer Art Museum, University of Chicago 2008
2011 Before Recognition: science of art collection, Galleria Museo 2008
2010-2011 Opulent Display: Gold and silver treasures of Asia and the Pacific. University of Chicago , 2007
2008-2009 The early years of glass collection: Kramer Museum, 2007
2008 Africa: highlights of the decade. New Orleans University, 2007
2005 CONGO: The Hartlan Donation. Exhibition of the collection. Illinois African American Art Museum. 2006
2002, 2003 Asian Secrets: clay and glass collection. Collected by the modern socity of art collectors, Kramer Museum, 2006

Specialties and Services

African Art
Asian Art
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art direction and graphic design services, branding consultations and book publishing specializing in limited-run artist publications.